Benirrás is famous for scenic sunsets and drumming Sundays in the north of the island.

Benirrás is famous for scenic sunsets and drumming Sundays in the north of the island.

Puerto de San Miguel, Ibiza famous for wandering down through slopes and valleys, carries you to the seashore of Benirrás.

The notable Benirrás Sunday nightfall custom watching out at the striking stone of Cap Bernat, as the sun consumes orange behind it, saying it's goodnight as you tune in to the sound of the flower child bongo drummers bid it goodbye, there's nothing similar to it. In summer there is additionally a beautiful little hipster market happening a few days per week, with stands selling design, adornments, craftwork and that's just the beginning.

Reached via vehicle, follow signs from San Miguel. There are 2 vehicle leaves with a limit of 400 vehicles. From the primary end of the week in June till the principal end of the week in October, the way to Benirrás will be shut every Sunday in the time from 15:30 to 21:00, as a result of the numerous individuals which plummet to the sea shore to see the drumming. Regularly there is a unique transport administration on these Sundays, which interfaces with the sea shore every 15 minutes, from the Sa Plana vehicle leave close to Can Coroner 6 km from Benirrás however it isn't affirmed at this point if this transport administration will occur in summer 2020. Moreover the ordinary transport administrations run from San Antonio, Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia.

Area: 10 minutes drive from San Miguel

Offices: Loungers, parasols, showers, public latrines, eateries, bar, sea shore shop, lifeguards

Exercises: Pedalos

Size: 160 meters in length, 40 meters wide

A lovely methodology, wandering down through slopes and valleys, carries you to the sea shore of Benirrás. It is a lovely sea shore of halfway pebbly sand with rocks either side that you can scramble over and a beautiful view across the water to an intriguing stone arrangement known as Cap Bernat. The ocean bed is rough which makes it phenomenal for snorkelers however not so natural to stroll into, yet that is all important for the good times! The water is perfectly clear.

This protected cove is a famous securing spot for personal ships and speedboats which assemble in the late evening to appreciate the heartfelt nightfall, in summer joined on Sundays by drummers who dive to the sea shore to 'drum down the dusk' in this notable radical custom. This drumming is a novel Ibiza experience, set up over numerous years.

Be that as it may, the notoriety of the occasion implies a totally stuffed sea shore on Sundays. Leaving will be troublesome , so we suggest you come early and go through the entire day at the seashore; or drop by transport. Since it is so famous on Sundays, some drumming presently likewise happens on most different nights in summer, beginning simply 15 to 20 minutes before nightfall – not the huge drumming experience as on Sundays but rather additionally extremely overall quite less occupied.

As you drive down the winding street driving into the valley where the sound opens up, you'll see the recovery of thousands of fragrant pine trees which were annihilated by a staggering woods fire in 2010 an image of expectation for Benirrás to hold its excellence later on.

Well known with families, bohemian nonconformist sorts and a lot of Ibiza's very close northern local area. You'll likewise discover a lot of creatures going around everybody's gladly received! Restricted stopping is accessible, however on the off chance that you show up after noon, hope to stop along the winding street driving into the valley and need to walk the remainder of the manner in which except if you luck out!

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