Aguas Blancas is one of the most spectacular seashores for island inhabitants

Aguas Blancas is one of the most spectacular seashores for island inhabitants

The extreme right finish of this seashore and its seashore bar are mainstream with local people.

The sea shore has brilliant sand that is delicate and fine, and the ocean bed is additionally sandy however for certain stones spotted around - so tread carefully! Aguas Blancas is one of the most loved seashores for island inhabitants. Supported with delightfully hued and finished high precipices, it has immaculate environmental factors with an emotional impact. With the correct breeze Aguas Blancas can regularly have a decent swell, with great measured waves for a touch of body surfing. On less blustery days the water is unimaginably clear and ideal for swimming – there are two intriguing rocks just 30 m away from the shore and on the correct finish of the sea shore a little bay can be found.

Area: 10 minutes cross from San Carlos

Offices: café, Loungers, parasols, lifeguards, sea shore bar

Exercises: Relaxation!

Size: The sea shore extends from the 300 m long and the 15 m wide

Arriving: Reached simply via vehicle. In the event that you follow the path straight on, you go to the center of the sea shore where there is a stopping territory at the highest point of the bluff; the admittance to the seashore is down a lofty way and a few stages. Out and about from San Carlos to Cala San Vicente, turn directly at the Aigües Blanques sign.

Because of the very troublesome access, the sea shore isn't packed even in August, the pinnacle of summer. On the extreme left there is a region which is just reachable over a rough part on the shore; here no loungers are found and it is amazingly tranquil. The extreme right finish of this sea shore and its sea shore bar are mainstream with local people. Do take note of that the colder time of year tempests of 2019/20 eliminated a great deal of sand from that piece of the sea shore and just a little, pebbly stretch can be delighted in this late spring.

This seashore is at its best in mornings and noontime, as the high precipices cast conceal in late evening. For the morning people among you - it's a phenomenal spot to watch the dawn. In the event that you need to go nudist, the territories at the far closes are the most well known with naturists.

At the center part there is a sea shore café, the patio a couple of meters over the sea shore offers incredible ocean sees. At the south finish of the sea shore there is the much-adored Chiringuito frequented by the hippy brotherhood, local people and holidaymakers the same. It's charmingly provincial and serves delicious bocadillos with guacamole and different bites. It's constantly stuffed, so mornings are the best an ideal opportunity to get one of their flimsy, coconut-umbrella concealed tables.

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